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When watching a television show or film, it’s rare for people to think about who handles the finances of these productions? The executive producer is the person at the very top of the production chain. They’re responsible for dealing with money and expenses from beginning to end. Although it’s essential for executive producers the have excellent finance skills, they should also be creative. There is a lot of planning involved in productions which means you also need to be patient. The most successful executive producers can handle finances, lead teams and create the project they imagined over time.


Many executive producers don’t come straight from the film industry but have shown exceptional work in other fields. A study showed that about 11% of executive producer’s resumes showed experience in content marketing, and 9% included experience writing news stories. Skills like these can be more helpful than you may think when it comes to performing tasks. It’s also important to mention that more than half of the industry’s executive producers have a bachelor’s degree and a small amount have their master’s degree.


Considering the job of an executive producer is very project-oriented, there will be times where you must hire people and assign their tasks. During this process, executive producers must trust individuals and hope that they will do their job to the best. Managing is not easy, but by trusting a production team, executive producers can prevent themselves from micromanaging. There is nothing worse than someone trying to do everything themselves because it can create a slower production process and leave out creative ideas from others. 


When looking for new gigs as an executive producer, it’s important to know what kind of films or productions interest you. By determining your level of success, you can choose the project that will best fulfill your needs. This job is a very unique role in the production and is the best fit for those who take pride in their work. Before reaching for an executive producer’s part, you may want to consider being a show or film producer first to gain some experience. You’ll better understand the work environment and gain skills that will help you become a successful executive producer in the future.


Joseph Mcinerney Chicago (1)