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Many up-and-coming producers find themselves getting to a point when they are unsure what the next step is or how to land the next project. Experienced executive producers often divvy out advice that sounds something like, “Get out there and mix it up because you never know where the next project might be found.” That is excellent advice, but are there more specific guidelines available when aspiring to be an executive producer?


Build Up From Where You Are Currently


Becoming an executive producer is a monumental goal because it’s an end goal in the entertainment business. Actors, camera operators, writers, and more begin their careers and grow them into executive producer positions. One thing most producers have in common is the need to know people and understand how a person functions in the world and what they have to offer. An executive producer will need to build a vast network of talented people. A producer will create not only an extensive network but also a network that is filled with talent. The team members will have different skill sets that can help push a project over the finish line. An executive producer needs help and cannot go on their own.


Keep Growing


Being an executive producer is a career that is always in a constant state of growth. Learn to love development and learning. Being involved in the artist and producer communities will lead to opportunities to present themselves. Take these opportunities as a chance to grow skillsets and personal networks. When not learning from others, be sure to take the time to self teach and take to the online world searching for the great information. Videos, articles, photos, stories, and anything that can help learn and inspire in being an executive producer. Read every script you can get hands-on. Take an internship with an agency, PA for an executive, take any kind of opportunity that places you closer to where the goal is set. Stay busy and active. When no project can be found, create custom content on a platform of choice, such as YouTube. Keep creating.


Challenges of the Job

An executive producer will innately need to problem-solve. The first and foremost skill as an aspiring executive producer is solving problems maybe nobody has experienced before. Creative thinking not only goes into the art side of things, and that’s why this business is called show business, with an emphasis on business. Overall, an executive producer will need to wear a great many hats. Hit the streets, get involved with the artist community, and build a network to further success.

Joseph Joe Mcinerney Chicago