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The entertainment industry is often filled with starstruck, aspiring celebrities with unrealistic expectations as to what their desired profession really entails. This isn’t to say you are not prepared for a career in this industry, but you may be unprepared for potential setbacks you might face. The stories of celebrities rising from rags to riches are actually quite rare. Many famous persons actually grew up making connections with people in the industry and surrounding themselves with opportunities. 

If you feel you need to catch up with these individuals, continue reading for some networking tips that you can use in the entertainment industry. Whether you aspire to become a manager, a singer, or even a camera operator, chances are these tips will help you towards making meaningful connections.

Make Quality Relationships

If you’re new to a city known for its celebrity status, you may feel an overwhelming need to make numerous connections as quickly as possible. However, while networking in the entertainment field, quality relationships often outweigh the quantity of contacts. Don’t grow upset with yourself if you only make one or two connections to the entertainment industry in your first couple of months living there. It is natural to want to meet new people who could help you excel in your career, but creating quality relationships will set you up better for success. 

It is important to have friends who truly understand your specific talents and personality in order to set you up with projects and individuals who fit your style. You don’t want to begin your career trying to be something you are not, so make sure you are trying to make quality relationships.

Sign Up for Classes

One great way to network in the entertainment industry is by taking classes. You can easily kill two birds with one stone by doing this, the two birds being networking and brushing up on your skills. If you’re a dancer, consider taking a class for a different style of dancing than you typically perform. Not only will you learn new skills, but you will also be able to network with the teacher and other students in the class. Before you know it, you’ll have created countless meaningful relationships in the business without even realizing you were networking. 

Be Confident In Your Abilities

The entertainment industry is blunt and can often break people’s spirits. Even if you hope to pursue an offstage career, such as a managerial position, it is important to exude confidence even when you don’t feel sure of yourself. If you’ve heard the term “fake it till you make it,” this phrase will be what propels you through your imposter syndrome and helps you develop confidence in your skills. When networking with others, you must have a self-assured presence, presenting your clear goals and establishing authority for yourself. 


Joseph Mcinerney Chicago