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How many times have you watched a movie and seen the role of “executive producer” in the credits? How many times have you thought to yourself, “What is an executive producer? What do they do?” Well, the short answer to this question is “they do a lot.” Here, we’ll break down the roles of the executive producer.


The executive producer is at the top of the food chain of producers and is often compared to a CEO. They hire critical roles on the film like other producers, directors, and actors and supervise them. They are not usually involved in the actual filmmaking process, but it’s more than just a title. A lot of times, films and other productions wouldn’t happen without an executive producer.


While they may or may not be directly involved in the artistic process, executive producers are in charge of the business side of productions. They make sure the whole project runs smoothly and is meeting deadlines and objectives set up by the financiers or studio execs- often, the EP might be the CEO of the studio itself.


One of the main jobs of the executive producer is to finance the production. Whether they lend their own money to the project or secure outside funding from investors, they are in charge of budgeting the film and making sure it gets made.

Writer, Creator, or Owner

In big productions, the executive producer often takes a “hands-off” approach to the project, but in smaller productions like TV or theater, the executive producer will wear multiple hats. They are usually the creator and writer of TV series, at least at the beginning of the show’s run, or even the owner of the material the show is based on.

Famous Executive Producers

Executive producers aren’t often the stars of the show, but there are some notable ones. For example, Keven Feige is the executive producer on pretty much every Marvel Studios film. A director like Steven Speilberg or George Lucas might also serve as EP on a film they direct or executive produce someone else’s film. Alternatively, a big star like Tom Hanks might take on the role of an executive producer from time to time.


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