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Dreams of Hollywood movie-making over the years has lead a great number of dreamers to chase the goal of becoming a scriptwriter professionally. Hollywood executives will look over a great many scripts each day and these executives are looking for specific qualities in a movie script.

Concept is Key

Every tv show, gameshow, playwright, or movie begins with a strong concept of what art is about. After a concept is figured out, the next step is addressing the main three components of every movie script. Theme, character, and plot are the three most needed parts of a good movie script after figuring a concept. When these three factors work together effortlessly, a great movie script is bound to create an amazing story.

There are different kinds of movie scripts that are written.

Spec Writers

Spec writers take on the task of creating a movie screenplay with no payment upfront. The goal is to complete the screenplay and take it into the world and sell it off to a movie studio or agency. Writing a movie script, as a spec writer, requires fine-tuned writing skills such as the ability to develop an understanding of the structure, how to format the writing, and also how to compel quickly with the writing. Most movie executives only give a very short read of a spec script before deciding if they will move on. The general rule is to deliver the complete concept of the script in 25 or fewer words. These 25 words or so are generally referred to as the high concept, generally pairing a smart gimmick with a compelling concept.

Keep Engagement Coming

A great movie script will keep the audience involved at every turn. Keeping a script moving at a quick pace requires high levels of conflict that will lead to many trials and tribulations for the characters of the story. Think of Indiana Jones and all the inner turmoil he experiences and at the same time the outside world is throwing every conceivable scenario at him which he must address to survive. It’s the life or death situations that keep the audience glued to the screen. Not every script will be as adventurous as Indiana Jones scripts, but every script does need to draw the audience in with the feeling they can’t turn their head away at any moment, dare they miss something important.