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Joseph "Joe" McInerney Chicago



About Joe


A well-versed individual in the business field, Joseph “Joe” McInerney – a Chicago native – has a wide variety of industries he has had the pleasure of working in. While his main business, Banner Capital, offers a wide range of advisory and management services to the business needs of private investors and their constituents, he is also the owner of Banner Entertainment. Through this business niche of his, Joseph has been able to work with top Hollywood talent and has built a resume full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 


Within Banner Entertainment, Joe McInerney has partnered with Hollywood professionals and notable actors to produce a number of movies. In his specific roles, Joe performs the functions of an executive producer, works on script development and handles financial responsibilities such as forming a budget and getting money together for their projects. Under Banner Entertainment, he also produces and owns He eventually strives to turn Comedy Content into its own business.


As a part of Banner Capital, Joseph “Joe” McInerney, Chicago local, has had different business opportunities, which led him to work within the entertainment industry. He once partnered with a successful Hollywood producer. Together, the two founded Radar Film Fund, a $150 million private investment fund formed for producing 25 major motion pictures such as All About Steve with Sandra Bullock, Everyone is Fine with Rober DeNiro and more. Joe still maintains extensive contacts in the entertainment industry.


Joe McInerney also began Rebel Studio Rentals with a well-known Hollywood producer. This company rented equipment to the entertainment production industry. Their equipment was used on notable movies like Titanic and Batman. One of Joe’s notable accomplishments with Rebel Studio Rentals is that he grew the equipment fleet at the original cost to over $7 million in only two years. He then sold the company to United Rentals.


While Joseph “Joe” McInerney of Chicago has loads of experience in the entertainment industry, his main career passion is private investing. Because of his unique operating and investing skills, he has been able to hold many upper-management positions such as being an owner and operator, fund manager, C-level executive, real estate developer, executive producer and many more. Joe’s business associates have included some of the wealthiest single-family offices and individuals in the world. Because of his immense list of contacts, Joe continues to open up opportunities for himself and grow in his career. 


Outside of his career, Joe McInerney enjoys Irish Ceili dancing, which is an ode to his dual citizenship between the United States and Ireland. He also enjoys sports, Scrabble and Chicago history.


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